The special MyMommyBiz Pink Ribbon Directory listing.

The pink ribbon directory listing is featured prominently on our MyMommyBiz main Directory page. Your payment is done through CIBC Run for the Cure through October 3, 2004, which is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Annual Fundraising Event. I will be participating in the Run for the Cure this year.

Our special Pink Ribbon directory is $25 Canadian (about $18 USD) per listing, with the entire amount of each listing being donated for cancer research and awareness. Payment must be received before your listing will be added to the directory. This payment link will show up in a new browser window, so you can go ahead and fill in the details. Please use the link below for payment. Once payment and listing details are sent, your listing will be added within 48-72 hours, although usually within 24 hours.

Click here to donate $25 per listing

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