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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I register for an online class?

You can register by clicking on the link provided on the class description page.

  • How does the class work?

Each class is assigned an interactive classroom at the MyMommyBiz Message Boards. You will need to register a user id at the message board so you can gain access to your classroom - only those registered in the class can view or post in the interactive classroom. A new lesson will be available every Monday. Your instructor will start discussions among the students on specific topics covered in that week's lessons. You can also ask your own questions, or ask for something in more detail.

  • Will there be homework assigned?

Some classes will have small assignments. For example, you will need to try a body wrap on a friend during one week of the Herbal Body Wrapping eClass, so your instructor can provide feedback on your technique and any problems you may have encountered.

  • Is the instructor accessible during the session?

Yes, our instructors are available thoughout the entire session. During weekdays, you will get a response within a couple of hours (although sometimes even faster). When you submit your question in the interactive classroom, you will have an option of being notified once a reply has been posted. The weekends might have a slightly longer answering time.

  • The class has already started - can I still register?

You can still register up to one week after the class has started. If more than a week has passed, you will need to get permission from the instructor before enrolling.

  • Do the classes have any requirements or prerequesites?

You are required to purchase the corresponding eBook for each eClass. The eBook serves as providing the essentials for starting your own business. The eClass goes a step beyond, providing you with a qualified instructor who can answer all your questions, or assist with any stumbling blocks you run into. An eClass guides you through the start-up, step by step, and provides further information into each step. You also get the knowledge of an expert at your fingertips, sort of like a mentor to get your business going.

To get the most our of your eClass, you should contribute to classroom discussions on topics surrounding the business. Don't be shy!

  • What is the time committment involved?

You should be committed to visiting the interactive classroom on a frequent basis. If you have a holiday planned and will be away for two weeks, you should wait until the next session to take the eClass.



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