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Joining the Mom Made Gallery at MyMommyBiz

Many work-at-home moms love to support their fellow moms by purchasing their unique handcrafted products. But it is often hard to find these moms to support!

The MyMommyBiz Gallery will present a unique gallery for moms to present their mom-made items, and to generate sales and interest in their products.

The Launch...

The Mom-Made Gallery will be officially launched on June 1st, 2002.

The Rates...

$15 for a three month listing (rates go up to $20 for 3 monthson July 1st, 2002)

The Ad Specs...

Your ad consists of a 125x125 cube image of your store logo / name, or a combination picture of your business name and a picture of your merchandise. You also get a description of your choosing. You can describe the type of products you sell, a testimonial, etc. The description, depending on the text size you choose, works out to be about 6 or 8 lines, including a larger business name at the top, and your URL at the bottom.

Ad Sample...

This is what the ads are formated like, which gives you a better idea of the text and images.

Cozy Rosie Stroller Blanket from Sew Beautiful
Cozy Rosie is the Polarfleece blanket that easily attaches to your stroller. Unlike most regular blankets that slide off of your stroller, leaving baby cold, Cozy Rosie stays put. The pouch-shaped blanket attaches to any type stroller and keeps baby covered and warm. Baby is comfortable and there is no danger of tripping over a blanket caught in the wheels. Available in Navy, Red, Zoo Print and Leopard.

Product Reviews...

We are also offering a free service to Mom Made advertisers to get your wahm product reviewed by MyMommyBiz. There will be an additional line added to your text for visitors to click to read the review. This review is added to a separate page, and may include added images of your products, along with your logo. This will be a detailed, in-depth review. We only will post positive reviews. You are also free to link to your MyMommyBiz review page from your business webpage too. If you do a variety of products, you are welcome to send multiple items for review, but please note, these are samples and will not be returned. We may also post reviews or links to reviews in the MyMommyBiz weekly newsletter.

MyMommyBiz Mom-Made Business of the Week

We will also have a special box for "MyMommyBiz Mom-Made Business of the Week" located at the top of the page, where you can showcase your review on a weekly basis! This also includes a special ad in the MyMommyBiz weekly newsletter which includes your URL and full business description!

MyMommyBiz Featured Product Review...

We will also have a special box for "MyMommyBiz Review of the Week" located at the top of the page, where you can showcase your review on a weekly basis!

Advertise Now!

Three month listing in the MomMade Gallery

  • $15 for three months (ordered through July 1, 2002)

MyMommyBiz Mom-Made Featured Business of the Week

  • The very first ad to appear in the Mom Made Gallery for maximum exposure.
  • 125x125 cube ad with accompanying text description (approx 4-6 lines)
  • "Mom-Made Featured Business of the Week" in the MyMommyBiz Weekly Newsletter. Includes your full business description from the Mom Made Gallery!
  • Next available date: June 26, 2002
  • $19.99 for one week
  • $38.99 for two weeks

MyMommyBiz Mom-Made Featured Product Review of the Week

  • Get exposure with your product review by MyMommyBiz
  • "Mom-Made Featured Product Review of the Week" in the MyMommyBiz Weekly Newsletter. Includes portions of the MyMommyBiz Review (with a link to the full review) and a brief business description with your business URL.
  • Next available date: June 26, 2002 (please ensure your review will be done by this date - if not, it will be placed in the first available spot once your product review is complete)
  • $14.99 for one week
  • $28.99 for two weeks

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