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Daily Tip for Working Mothers

Herbal Body Wrapping eClass

Would you like to be guided through the process of starting your own herbal body wrapping business by an expert in the field? Would you like the security of knowing someone can help you answer all your questions or concerns?

The Herbal Body Wrapping eClass commences on Monday, September 23, 2002 (registration is accepted through Sunday, September 30, 2002).

This six week course runs from Monday, September 23rd through November 4th.

This eClass takes place in a special MyMommyBiz Interactive Classroom ~ only registered students are permitted access to the room. You will need a user ID to gain access to the special interactive classroom at the MyMommyBiz Message Boards The classroom will open a few days before the class is scheduled to begin to allow initial introductions to take place.

A new lesson is posted every Monday for four weeks. During the fifth week, you will be required to do a body wrap on a friend, then complete an assignment detailing how the wrap went and the results. The sixth week is reserved exclusively for helping students with any problems they encounter doing their body wrapping, and for any additional questions regarding setting up a body wrapping business.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate for successfully completing your body wrapping eClass at MyMommyBiz.

Would you like further information on how this class works? Read our FAQ

Do you have any questions? Please post them to our special message board for online classes, and you will receive a reply from your instructor.

Ready to start learning? Register Now! The six week eClass is $45

You will receive confirmation within 24 hours of registering. The MyMommyBiz Start your own Herbal Body Wrapping Business eBook is required for participation in this class.

Start your own Personalized Candy Wrappers Business





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