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For the very first time, MyMommyBiz offers you the opportunity to participate in our brand new MyMommyBiz Info Packs program!

These are a popular way to get your business in front of other moms who are looking to join a business or wanting to enhance their business by using various business resources.

Join Now!

With our info packs, not only can you include a brouchure or a mini catalog, you can also include samples, as long as they are easily mail-able - something others do not offer. Our first set in January - perfect timing since that is when many are getting serious with the need to make more money.

This is the first time we have ever offered an official MyMommyBiz pack program, so not only do you have the opportunity to be included in the first packs mailed, but you also have the brand name of MyMommyBiz behind it.

How do you ensure your promotional material is included in our first MyMommyBiz Info Pack mailing?
It is FREE to all MyMommyBiz Premium Members. Once you are a Premium Member, you will find all the information in the Premium Members Only forums on MyMommyBizBoards

Who receives the MyMommyBiz Info Packs?
They will be given out during various promotions at MyMommyBiz, such as chats or seminars; to some of our newsletter subscribers; to some of our message board members - such as those asking about business opportunities; and by request.

Do recipients have to pay for these packs?
No, MyMommyBiz will mail them to each recipient free of charge.

How much will it cost me?
Joining our MyMommyBiz Info Pack Promotion is free for all Premium Members. You can learn more about the full benefits of premium membership here (also includes additional private forums, ad-free message boards, specials, etc). Your only expense for the mom packs itself is for the cost of the promotional materials you would like to include, and the shipping fees to MyMommyBiz. MyMommyBiz covers all shipping fees of the completed mom packs to the recipients.

What can I include?
You can include brouchures, flyers, catalogs, etc. You are welcome to include samples, if they are easily mailable, and you must include enough multiples to meet the one-per-package. However, you are welcome to include variety in your samples (ie. assorted flavors). You are also welcome to use sample CDs, such as an ebook or catalog on a CD-ROM.

When will they be mailed?
The first set will be mailed in February, which means we have started to accept materials now. Full details can be found in the Premium Members Only forums on MyMommyBizBoards. Deadline for submission is February 14. 2005 for this set.

How often will new packs be created?
Shortly before we run out of the current batch, we will make a call for all premium members to submit anything they would like to include. We want to have them available for MMB visitors on a regular basis, so we always have inventory to mail. As long as you are a Premium Member at the time we call for submissions, you can include your materials. With the number of visitors to MyMommyBiz requesting information on various party plans, business opportunities and resources, we expect that you will have continuous exposure as we hand out the packs. Participants will be kept updated with quantities as they are mailed out.

Are they only for consultants of party plan companies?
No! Everyone is welcome to join. We welcome those who are running their own businesses, or who are running other business resource sites. We are looking for diversity, to ensure all recipients find many things they need, whether it is new places to advertise, promotional business stores, or membership sites.

Can I include information about my friend's business with my materials? No, only those who are MyMommyBiz Premium Members can include materials. However, you are welcome to team up with other Premium Members in order to keep costs down, or split costs on samples to make the minimum numbers required. If you are unsure about this policy, please feel free to ask.

How can I get started?
If you are not already a premium member, click here to join and choose from six month or twelve month memberships. Once you have been given access to the Premium Member forums, you will find all the information you need to submit your materials.

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