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Welcome in your quest to learn more about search engine marketing and optimization. We have over 80 articles here to assist you in your search engine goals.

Link Exchange Tutorial
Ten steps to a successful link exchange, exclusively on MyMommyBiz.

Free Tools
These are our handy tools designed to make your web designing & optimizing tasks faster and easier. Click to view all our tools. Some of the most popular include:

Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tag Analyzer
Robots.txt Generator
Create a Password Protected Page
Clean Up FrontPage Created Webpages
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Link Extractor
CHMOD Calculator

Search Engine Submissions
You know your site needs to get into the search engines. But how can you get them there?

Submitting Your Site to Search Engines
How Often Should You Submit Your Site to Search Engines?
Using an Automated Search Engine Submission Service

Optimizing & Marketing Your Site for Search Engines
Once you have created your site, it then is time to begin optimizing and marketing your website to the search engines.

How Many of Your Site's Pages are in the Google Index?
All About Google Backlinks
The Google Toolbar
Determining Google PageRank
Has Your Site Been Penalized by Google?
After You've Been Penalized by Google
How many of your site's pages are in the Yahoo Index
Yahoo Companion Toolbar
Yahoo WebRank

All About Links
You know links are important. Learn more about why they are important, how to get them, and how to check that you got them.

Link Exchange Tutorial - ten steps to better exchanges
What Does Link Popularity Mean?
What is Link Text?
Using Link Text for Better Results

Checking the Validity of Link Exchanges
Using Free Articles for Links
Why are Link Farms Bad?
Checking For Your Site's Backlinks in Google
Checking For Your Site's Backlinks in Yahoo.

Many don't realize the true value of directories, especially since it is considered a free link to your site.

Submitting Your Site to Directories
Choosing the Best Directory Categories
Good Links Versus Bad Links: Getting the Most Benefit From Your Directory Link

Pay Per Click Advertising & Keyword Research
While not all webmasters use pay per clicks, either due to high rankings in the natural (free) search results, or due to the cost, it is important to consider this aspect of search engine marketing, as well as the useful keyword suggestion tools that this market provides.

Using Competitive or Non-Competitive Keywords?
Using Word Tracker for Keyword Research

Most Important Pay Per Clicks
Overture's Minimum Monthly Spend
Using Overture's Keyword Suggestion Tool
Using Google Sets for Keyword Research

Technical Stuff
Part of optimizing your site also includes some technical nitty gritty, as you add scripts or do backend work.

How to Ping a Website
CHMOD Calculator

Newsletters, Listservs, Message Boards & Chats
Any part of a successful online marketing campaign includes things that make your site sticky. Those are things that will keep your visitors returning again and again.

Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In or No Opt In
Email Newsletter Services: What to Use

Site Design
Using on-site techniques for the best search engine placement is a vital part of search engine marketing and optimization.

Why You Shouldn't Use a Splash Page as Your Index Page
Thou Shalt NOT! Ten ways to really annoy your website visitors!
Why your menus should be text and not images
What is a site map
Creating your own site map
Adding the Copyright Character into Your Pages
Spell Checking Your Pages
Validating Your Website
HTML Validator
CSS Validator
Using ALT Tag Attributes Wisely

Usability Testing
It is important that your website is friendly not only to search engines, but also to your visitors. After all, your visitors will be the ones who make your site money. Great rankings mean nothing if your site lacks basic usability

What is Usability Testing
Conducting Your Own Usability Testing
Usability Checklist for conducting your own testing
Testing in Various Screen Sizes

Metas, Titles and More
Some of those elements in the top of our source code can be quite important, and can work to your advantage in the search engine results when used correctly.

Using <Title> Tags
Common Problems With Title Tags
Creating a Custom 404 Page
Are your URLs Restricted to a Certain Length?
Using Meta Tags to Disallow Search Engine Spiders
Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tag Analyzer
What is Hotlinking
Preventing Hotlinking

Website Statistics & Logs
Site statistics and logs are often under utilized by webmasters, but actually give a rich look at the effectiveness of your site

What is Referral Spam & Log Spamming
Using Your Website Stats to Their Full Potential
Comparing Hits, Page Views & Uniques

Robots.txt are quite useful for your webpage, but far too few webmasters utilize this tiny file on their own website.

What is a robots.txt & why do you need one
Robots.txt Tutorial
Robots.txt Generator

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