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Welcome to MyMommyBiz

Profits with Party Plans

Find out how you can turn your party plan business into a wildly successful and rewarding business for you!

This amazing 220 page eBook was a
full year in the making!

Having Problems Getting Recruits?
This eBook has an amazing 25 pages alone just on getting recruits and leading your downline to success of their own.

Want to Land More Fundraisers?
A complete section on fundraisers includes how you can maximize your lead potential from leads, increase your earnings, and how to deal with the tricky subject of donating your commissions to the fundraising organization.

Want to Be a Successful Online Networker?
Our ebook takes you through the steps you need to learn how to network effectively and smartly, without ever coming across as advertising or being too promotional.

Are you Struggling with Choosing a Company?
This ebook details how to choose a business that is right for you, and even how to decide on the sponsor that will be the best sponsor for you!

>> Order Now for $34.99 <<

This 220 page ebook covers - in detail - the following:

  1. Choosing Your Business & Sponsor
  2. Home Parties
  3. Hostess Coaching
  4. Catalog Shows
  5. Single Order Customers
  6. Craft Shows, Fairs & Expos
  7. Other Offline Marketing Techniques
  8. Marketing With Websites
  9. Online Advertising
  10. Newsletters
  11. Blogging
  12. Message Boards
  13. Other Online Marketing
  14. Online Parties
  15. Recruiting
  16. Fundraising
  17. Other Issues

    Are you struggling with finding new recruits to build your business with? Or are you still looking for that perfect direct sales business? No matter what stage of business you are in, this is THE eBook you need to succeed! It is worth every penny of your investment to build your business.

    >> Order Now for $34.99 <<

    All sections are filled with tips, advice and know-how from many successful consultants with a wide variety of party plan companies. No matter which direct sales business you are in, this ebook will help you. And best of all, this advice is for both American & Canadian consultants!

    >> Order Now for $34.99 <<

    Want to know even more? Here is the detailed breakdown of each section and accompanying chapter.

    Table of Contents

    1. Choosing Your Business
    2. Following Your Passion
    3. Worksheet: Your Product Area Selection Sheet
    4. Comparing Different Businesses
    5. Worksheet: Most Important & Least Important Considerations
    6. Consumables vs. Non-Consumables
    7. Minimums
    8. Kit Options
    9. Choosing Your Sponsor
    10. Your Contract
    11. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Home Parties
    12. Finding Hostesses
    13. Worksheet: 100 No's
    14. Worksheet: Business Card & Catalog Drop Off Checklist
    15. Worksheet: Who Do You Know?
    16. Worksheet: Who Do You Know Online?
    17. Home Party Basics
    18. Why it is Important to Greet the Guests
    19. Finalizing Guest Orders
    20. Average Party Length
    21. Showing Off Your Check
    22. When to Schedule Parties
    23. Your Hostess Package
    24. Worksheet: Hostess Checklist to Success
    25. Worksheet: Hostess Invitation Idea List
    26. Worksheet: Scavenger Hunt Hostess Checklist
    27. How Far Will You Travel?
    28. Preventing Party Cancellations
    29. Do You Always Need New Party Hosteses?

    Hostess Coaching
    30. As Soon as the Party is Booked
    31. Planning With Your Hostess
    32. Hostess Coaching
    33. Worksheet: Hostess Coaching Checklist
    34. Ideas for Theme Parties

    Catalog Shows & Parties
    35. Catalog Parties
    36. Contact Information on Your Catalogs & Forms
    37. How Long Should Catalog Parties Be
    38. Motivating Catalog Party Hostesses
    39. Catalog Party Incentives
    40. Guest Lists for Catalog Shows
    41. Delivering Catalog Orders Directly
    42. Why Some Prefer Catalog Parties

    Single Orders
    43. Single Customer Orders
    44. Worksheet: Honey Gift List
    45. Worksheet: Gift Tracker

    Craft Shows, Fairs & Expos
    46. Event Basics
    47. How to Find Craft Fairs
    48. Inventory for Craft Fairs
    49. Sharing a Table with a Fellow Consultant
    50. Profitability of Craft Fairs

    Other Offline Marketing Techniques
    51. Contests, Draw Boxes & Promotions
    52. Frequent Customer Rewards
    53. Car Advertising
    54. Sponsoring Charity Events & Teams
    55. Welcome Wagon
    56. Community Networking
    57. Mom Packs

    Marketing with Websites
    58. Company Sponsored Websites
    59. Personal Business Websites

    Online Advertising
    60. Types of Advertising
    61. Solo Ads
    62. Newsletter Ads
    63. Directory Listings
    64. Party Plan Lists
    65. Message Board Ads
    66. Google Adwords
    67. Overture / Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions
    68. Comparing Site Traffic
    69. Tracking Your Advertisements

    70. Do You Need a Newsletter?
    71. How Often Should You Send a Newsletter?
    72. Anatomy of a Newsletter
    73. Using Images In Your Newsletter
    74. Providing Useful Articles
    75. Getting Subscribers to Your Newsletter
    76. Alternative Ways to Promote Your Newsletter Online
    77. Knowing the Can-SPAM Laws
    78. HTML or Plain Text?
    79. Newsletter Services

    80. Blogging
    81. Who Will Read Your Business Blog?
    82. Personal Versus Business Blogging
    83. Promoting Your Blog
    84. Where to Get a Free Blog
    85. Blogging Software

    Message Boards
    86. Networking on Message Boards
    87. Finding Message Boards
    88. Choosing Your Username
    89. Worksheet: Message Board Tracker
    90. Introducing Yourself on Message Boards
    91. Networking Versus Spamming
    92. Points to Ponder When Posting a Message
    93. Participating on Message Boards

    Other Online Marketing
    94. Mailing Lists & Yahoo Groups
    95. Online Networks

    Online Parties
    96. What are online parties
    97. Where to host a party
    98. Announcing & advertising your online party
    99. Finding an Online Party Host
    100. Online Ordering at Online Parties
    101. Mystery Hostess
    102. Inviting Guests to an Online Party
    103. Online party games (4 games)

    104. Recruiting
    105. Finding Recruits
    106. Recruiting as a New Recruit
    107. Recruiting Your Hostess
    108. Recruiting Through Your Customers
    109. Your Recruiting Scrapbook
    110. Recruiting Online
    111. Eight Kinds of Consultants
    112. Supporting Your Downline
    113. Being Available to Your Downline
    114. Praising Your Downline
    115. Teaching Positive Thinking
    116. Downline Conference Calls
    117. Team Chats
    118. Downline Message Boards
    119. Downline Mailing Lists
    120. Team Newsletters

    121. Fundraisers
    122. Why Should You Bother Doing Fundraisers
    123. Increasing Your Earnings with Fundraisers
    124. Introducing New Products with Fundraisers
    125. Fundraisers Through Non-Cold-Calling Methods
    126. Fundraiser Length
    127. Donating Commissions
    128. Following Up With Fundraisers
    129. Sample Fundraising Letter Template
    130. Worksheet: Fundraising Brainstorm Sheet

    Other Issues
    131. Selling for more than one company
    132. Switching companies
    133. Sponsor issues

    >> Order Now for $34.99 <<

    You won't find anything more detailed on the market today!

    You will find the ordering instructions on the download page after you place your Profits with Party Plans eBook

    Order your Profits with Party Plans eBook NOW,
    and you will not be disappointed!
    >> Order Now for $34.99 <<

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